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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the members of our community with online products and services that facilitates change, growth and sustainability in these key areas

  • Spiritual Awareness - self awakening, mindfulness

  • Life skills - practical education and knowledge sharing member to member

  • Financially - crowdfunding, entrepreneurs and member business development opportunities

Club core values


Our business as a club remains transparent


Honest is the best policy, even if it is not always exactly what we want to hear.  


Transparency and honesty fosters trust with with each other, which is the formula growth and expansion


Life requires LOVE for life to sustain.  Without compassion we might as well call it a day. 


It is the fuel which ignites action with humility

What we do

As a community we

  • Share our talent

  • Share our stories

  • Share our skills

  • Encourage

  • Educate and 

  • Build each other

Club Member Benefits



Member to member





+++ more

Free members

Resource Library


Subject matter Video Channels

  • Taf-ed - members share subject matter expertise with other members free.

  • Social Groups - Members join our different social groups, like Yap 'n' Chat, sharing and encouraging is fun. We even have a Steam Off Room, to let go of whatever 'makes you mad'

  • Subject Matter Video Channels - we have developed channels to watch different subjects which align with our objectives.

  • Taf-Biz - Join other members and network sharing your businesses with each other at discounted rates.

Members to Member


On it's way!

How to join the Club!!

It's easy to join, just hover over "members" and choose any page you want to see,  like the "Offers/Discounts and Freebies and the sign up will show just follow the instructions.  Simple!!

Be part of something real - join our  RIGHT NOW! whilst it is still free.

Whatever we do NOW will impact their FUTURE

Building supportive communities NOW is more important today than ever.
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