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Thank you for joining iSapphireSave - So what is next?

Join your social group for updates

In order to get access to your social group, please ensure you have signed up as a Free Wix member, then, you need to subscribe, choose the subscription which is relevant to your group.

Subscription Page

Join your social group

Join your social group

Once you have subscribed, join your group by clicking on any of the two above. In these groups we will be posting all the information pertaining to gifts received and any other fun chat with each other.  Also remember to join Yap'n'Chat, so we can start to migrate into our own space. 

Please make sure to download spaces by Wix, click here to download app so you can keep up to date with chat and blogs etc.. easily on your phone.  Make sure to bookmark TAF onto your home screen (see video below for how), then your groups are just a click away and you can switch notifications on or off, it's almost like having our own app, but not yet. :)

How to bookmark TAF on your phone
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