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Another Thank you Shout Out!!

We continue to highlight those individuals who have gone above and beyond and trusted us by donating to our VISION.

Check out our most up to date call we had on Sunday.

We are asking to HELP with the vision by way of donation. Either donate to participating on the Sapphire plan, or donate because you truly believe in what we are doing.


Sapphire Plan Manual is now LIVE!!

We are happy to announce that Sapphire Plan has gone manual and is now live. If you are a member of the Sapphire Plan, please ensure to watch the video above, join our "Taf Elite" telegram room for all the latest updates and we have some really fun promotions starting in November through to Christmas for our Sapphire Plan Members. Get involved.

Email us for for more info or for the Sapphire Plan Update and access to Taf Elite Telegram room.

Thank you to all those members who have supported us through thick and thin!!

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