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Are you an ACTIVE TAF member?

We have to move ON!

What is going on in the world today is crucial! No one is going to support our people our communities but ourselves.

To do this we must actively participate with each other. There are so many different ways to crowdfund, people have been doing it for thousands of years. We do ours a little differently, but it still WORKS!, but like all things you must be ACTIVE!

Since our migration, many of our members have dropped off, it's true that change will always have that effect. However, we are DETERMINED to maintain our VISION for our community. As a result, we have to identify active from dormant members, we are doing a MASSIVE clean up.

Members and families that are dormant, will go into a dormant list. We are putting our ACTIVE MEMBERS and FAMILIES FIRST, those members who

have stuck through with us no matter what.

If you have not done, it yet check out this post, listen to our last update call and fill out the form. You have until the 25th September, 2022.

Love and blessings #TafVengers

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