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Can banks control how you invest!

It is no joke people! Keeping my eyes open on what is going on in the financial market and the trend the world is moving towards is worth being kept informed. If you do not start getting interested in what is going on, you will be lost, literally.

I know most people are not interested, but you need to get interested in the environment around you.

In Exponential Investor today there is an article talking about Barclays advising their investors when they try to purchase certain stocks on the London exchange related to crypto currencies, quite shocking actually.

We all know that Crypto is going to be the biggest wealth transfer that people have ever witnessed, we know that the likes of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Elon Musk (Tesla), Richard Branson (Virgin), and thousands of other multi-millionaires are swapping FIAT currency to Bitcoin or other coins, the question is WHY?

It's better to be in the know, than to be in the dark, so do some reviews on what happening in the market, read articles, keep your eyes and ears to the ground and most importantly, don't be lead by fear. Follow the link provided in this blog for more information.

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