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Experience Peace with Mooji

It is with great pleasure that I have now added the "Experience Peace with Mooji" channel. Mooji is an exceptional spiritual teacher, who helps you to expand your inner peace through the teachings he has learned from many spiritual teachers and practice.

Mooji is Jamaican and resides between Portugal and the UK.

I have been listening to him for about a year now, and I have found such incredible peace with just listening to his incredible voice. His guided meditations are easy and loving, with no special breathing techniques or ways of sitting or anything like that, literally just listening to his voice takes you to the quiet place, that only you can find within yourself. Mooji really presents you with yourself, which is quite profound and humbling.

I would highly recommend listening to some of his lessons, they are full of humour and understanding of the human experience, and his delivery is filled with wisdom.

I truly hope you enjoy this channel and find your inner sanctuary, which is filled with peach and love.


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