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Is acceptance the mother of all transitions?

One thing I have had to accept in my 50 odd years on this planet, "change is inevitable, death is a certainty and life yields what you put in". Having said that, it may sound a little grim if you are still at the crossroads in your journey, asking the question "Why am I here?" or "What is this all about?". Regardless of what signpost you are at on your life journey, the roadmap you were given as a child, is just not quite what you expected it to be, right? I mean, be honest with yourself, let us do a little reflection, are you where you thought you would be, let's say, back when you were 12 or 16, or even 18. Hell!!, let's get real, are you anywhere you thought you would be, when you were envisioning yourself when you were in your 30s, or even 40s. Ok! let's not get depressed over this, it's real, yep, life is a consistent throw you out there kinda journey, and to be honest, it is the rollercoaster ride that you probably did not imagine you would have.

So, you probably wondering why I have started with that paragraph right! Well, no it is not a gloom and doom story, in fact it is a way to get you to reflect, and I know you did, it had you thinking back right?. Right now though you have the opportunity right now, to throw everything you have been taught to believe out the window. (if you don't want it anymore), I dare you to do it now, and start with a new slate. It does not matter how old you are, or how young you are, it just matters that YOU decide NOW to think and learn and reflect and be the best version of who you can be NOW, today, So, what kind of person do you want to be NOW!!, go on, write it down, think about it, is there someone you want to be like, or they have attributes you want to have. Right now, write down the best version of who you are, design the perfect you.

Your Journey is YOUR JOURNEY, not a version of a journey provided by you dictated by our parents (Who in most circumstances want only the best for you), but we have been on a perpetual ride of self enlightenment and that only comes through SELF. I challenge you to think about that for a moment, and ask yourself these questions, "what if every experience I have ever had, good or bad, self afflicted or not, influenced by another or not, no matter what the experience, what if it was all just to experience my own reaction to that and to help me remember and evolve past that, to become who I am today? What if it was just about that, and nothing else? How do I feel about that? - Go ahead, right down the answers your brain gives you, and read them back to yourself to see if they make sense.

OK, am I getting to deep here....maybe, maybe not, this is all to say, that our greatest most important aspect of to BE LIFE, and to have the experience of LIFE in a way that you choose to do that. I am hoping that the choice you make to experience yourself is one that is filled with happiness, love, compassion, support, peace, encouragement and so on. Whatever you do, let that be the way forward, as of today. Whatever has hurt you, let it go, release, do not hold onto something that you are unable to change, because it has already gone or happened, let go, do not place any energy in its direction. YOU have the ability to CHANGE your MIND today.

So a little book you can start to listen to, that will help you recognise your greatest self in ways that will expand and evolve you into the vision of your truest self, which no matter what happens in the environment, will not change your inner sanctuary is

Joe Dispenza's book "Becoming Supernatural". You will find a free audio video on the Joe Dispenza channel in our members area. I urge you to keep a journal to write down your thoughts, discuss them in our Book Club Group, Either way, it will be a blessed experience.

Love and Blessings

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