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New Books for our members to DOWNLOAD TODAY!!

Some new books have been added to the book club that are a must read. We have paid to get these pdfs for you, as these books are not readily available anywhere.

A must read for an insight into the crypto investment world. Learn how it all works and be able to predict your own outcome and trust your decisions.

None of these books are too long and they are written in layman terms so easy to read, and so very much worth reading.

Start with - The Road to Financial Freedom - Your step-by-step guide to investing in the stock market - includes 10 Valuable Lessons from Master Investors.

Then try reading FTI New Money, followed by FTI Medici bank - FTI New Money introduces you to ways to make up to 12% interest on stable coin, which it explains in the book, and provides you with the website which is currently becoming a hot ticket for holding you crypto currency. FTI Medici bank, is introducing you to the future of banking, where you can buy and exchange crypto currency and convert back to Fiat currency.

Then read "How to make 1 million cryptocurrency", this little 32 page book provides you with great information to get your teeth dug into. If you know about Bitcoin, skip on to page 10, beyond that it's insightful.

In these books we have provided you have a sure start to understanding the world of crypto currency, how to begin your journey and how to maintain and manage your

investments. All our information is sourced from subject matter experts in their respective fields.

We do ask, however, is please 'USE THE INFORMATION RESPONSIBLY", invite you friends and family to join our club to read and download the books we provide, please do not just download and share. Invite people to join our crowdfunding platform to help others. Please remember we are not financial advisors, we are information and service providers.

Lastly, remember to invest ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE, start off small, don't get greedy, you have time, there is no rush. We are still in the early stages of this wave.

Happy Reading!!


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