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Reap what you sow!

All my life I have heard this saying, you reap what you sow, it has been a taught and taught in so many ways, languages, and in so many ancient scripts. Do we heed the words that we claim to read, or do we just give lip service. Do we sow with a pure heart or with a heart with an agenda?

I have joined so many charities, and given so much into churches and always wondered who is actually receiving what I am giving on the other side. I imagine if my little £££ or $$$ has reached another hand that can use it to buy their food, or clothing or pay a bill, or even help someone else. I wanted to know if I was truly helping someone.

It's been about 9 years since I became a born again Christian, and that initial caught up in the moment feeling has never left, I still feel the passion of Christ and as a result I have totally changed my life and dedicated myself to helping others. Whilst that sounds like a cliche, I can assure you it is not, it is a real journey of discovery you experience whilst purging myself of the yester years of life's harsh knocks. Becoming a new person takes time, breaking habits and resisting temptations still plague you, but every resistance is worth the outcome of feeling relieved from doing what you know in your heart is not right. On reflection, taking responsibility and trusting in the process of forgiveness and surrender is not easy in our adult years. I say this because it is through the ears and eyes of spirit that TAF was born, and through the challenges of TAF, the rough cut Diamond is being polished of which I am truly grateful. However, as committed as I am to Spirit, staying steadfast in the mission that has been assigned is always a challenge, and I wonder for all the people who have come into TAF, when you really find out what we are about, do you ask yourself why you have been brought here? "Expectations are born from the agenda we set in our minds when we see opportunities".

Taf was founded on the spirit of being a GIVER and experiencing the joy of hearing someone else receive that which you have given. It is built on the foundation of CARE, LOVE, GIVING AND SHARING. TAF has a "Vision" to keep doing and evolving to provide the best channel to "Incentivise Good Intentions", for the "Good we seek in others, you must seek in yourself first", and with that, there is nothing but the best yet to come to TAF and their members.

Love and Blessings!

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