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Sapphire Plan on Fire!

Since Taf has had to go manual because of a missing code in our system, and the MIA developers, our decision has proved to be a good one. Our Sapphire plan and Leapfrog promotion has gone off the roof. Check out some of the stats. Plus we have had 100s of members who have regifted into our Giant SouSou. If you are not sure of how the Sapphire plan works, check out our Video here.

Limited Edition #Taf4Life T-shirt now available for pre-order

We are also launching our Limited Edition T-shirt, only 150 available, with a limited edition number on each Tee. Get your's now and know that our purchase has contributed to Developer and Admin support we are trying to raise by January 2023.

Check it out on our home page, and get your's NOW! Be entered into the our special promotion as a T-shirt owner. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Big Thanks to all for our DONATIONS so far, we have reached over £2,200 since we started in October.

Remember to join our Taf Elite room if you are a Sapphire Member, if you want to join Sapphire, get on board through your Dashboard on the system.

Latest Update Call

How Sapphire Plan Works Explainer Video

Leapfrog Promotion still on till 5th December


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