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"Skip a Split" Bonus Giveaway Positions is still on For Members!

Our promotion is still running, and NOW is definitely the time to get in as the recession is due to get harder.

There is no other time that is greater than this moment to STAND together.

We need to stop the squabbling, and all the reasons to find fault in new ideas. It is time we support our community and harness the POWER of our what community means.

We must stop trying to fall in line, as that alignment was jot built for us to thrive.

We must push the envelope and hold hands to build a future for our legacy. Counties around the world are doing it, why can’t we.

The financial elite will not build you a road pathed with gold, there is only such a road if we build it ourselves.

This is what we stand for in TAF, member to member, no more tearing each other down, but rather broadening our backs to create the foundation for the future.

Our history is to build, but we have done it doe others and not ourselves. Today, right now, technology affords us the opportunity to build and grow, and nothing can stop it. Right now our road is clear.

Can you hear what we are saying?

So members, use this promotion to help another, watch the videos, participate in our social rooms, get up to date, we are miving from a flicker into a flame..GET INVOLVED!


We are giving away 10 bonus positions in "Last Family Member Gifted" in the next families available, for any member that applies NOW. These can be used to incentivise family and friends, and as our gift to YOU who applies, YOU will also receive a position in those next families of "Family Support" or maybe "Family Leader" YES!, that's 11 positions we are giving away per Member who HURRY this promotion will not last forever. (Terms and Conditions apply)

For more information on promotion, latest update videos and presentations, join our Telegram group, if you don't have the link to telegram, please email us


For updates videos on what is going on with Sapphire and Gold Plan, plus plus plus, check out our videos on our video channel in YouTube.

Latest Taf Video update videos.

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