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TAF Sapphire Plan is a HIT!!

We continue on our quest of helping as many people as we can through community crowdfunding. This has proven to be successful multiples times now, and with the Sapphire Plan, it has just gotten easier and faster.

This does NOT mean that the original GOLD PLAN is dead, we need the Sapphire to help get the GOLD moving.

Most members really do not remember or know how the GOLD plan works, or what TAF is all about. We are hoping that the Sapphire will re-ignite the passion to help each other through community and bring a lot of our members home, thus motivating them to share with others our club vision.

So far it's a hit, make sure to get your updates through the Telegram rooms in Yap 'n' Chat and Updates and FAQs room. Get re-familiar with the community. See you on the other side.

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