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The mind boggle of social media...

I am not sure about you, but for me, social media has been an absolute mind boggling experience.

The history of our communication using social media has expanded into an abyss, a slippery slope of the next best way of communicating our feeling, experiences, life, challenges, education and what every else you can come up with, to just anyone that will listen.

Facebook, instagram, snap chat, tiktok, youtube, twitter, I mean, it goes on and on. the ability to find ways to monetise your joys, hobbies, quirks and just about anything is the new entrepreneur and new millionaire. Video Shorts, longs, bangs, booms, whatever creates excitement is what we follow. The human race is constantly pushing the envelope of ease and comfort through the magic... and yes I say magic, of technology.

I remember when the WWW started, yep, the internet. I remember sending my first email, (ok...that is going back some years!!), it was a eureka experience. The internet has liberated millions and eased their lives in ways we cannot quantify.

So knowing how hard it is to grasp some of these incredible services, I thought it would be a good idea just to help others increase their brain cells into the deep waters of social media through finding easy videos that explain these hot platforms.

So we are starting with TikTok, Insta and a little bit of LinkedIn. We have formatted the videos into a grid, so easy to choose, click and play. Hope this helps you navigate your way to increased usage and possibilities.

Happy posting...

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